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MaLiBro is an online community app that helps you showcase your brand, advertise products and services, share info, discover and earn as you connect with credible people & brands around you.

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Advertise, share info, Curate, Discover, Connect with credible people and Brands

MaLiBro is the platform designed to help you list your brand, advertise, curate, discover or share information with others and earn as you connect with credible people and brands around you.

MaLiBro helps you showcase your craft, business or brand to others. With MaLiBro you can discover people and Brands with a decent track record.

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about using malibro

Key MaLiBro Features


The Stream is a feature of infinite discovery. All listed entities and advertised content is accessible here. Here you can view all content posted as you browse around. You can also use the search option at the top to find more specific results of contacts/brands and other information you are looking for.


MaLiBro showcases details of registered listings, news, deals, locations, events as well as links and helps you share any content with others in a meaningful way.

Control panel

Control panel feature provides you with account statistics and data management tools for all information you create and post.


The transactions feature helps you to manage all your MaLiBro account’s finances and it shows reports of all account transactions made like buying account units, sharing units, deals sold and event bookings…. The transactions feature also has a provision for withdrawing your finances to your mobile phone instantly.

Where is MaLiBro?

MaLiBro is every where. We are accessible no matter where you are through our business portal www.malibro.com

Make money with MaLiBro

Selling on MaLiBro.

You can earn from selling items, products and services on MaLiBro. Make offers, Advertise, market and sell them on MaLiBro using the deals feature. You can also sell invites or tickets to your next event, your money will be paid to your MaLiBro transactions account which you can withdraw from directly and instantly to your mobile number and also your bank account.

Sharing MaLiBro Content.

MaLiBro will also pay you bonuses if you share MaLiBro content with others and it leads to people joining or buying items advertised on MaLiBro. To earn this way login or create an account and complete the credibility challenge then use the MaLiBro share feature. MaLiBro will continuously track the information you share and credit your transaction account whenever someone joins MaLiBro, or buys directly as a result of the information you share both on mail and social media.

Inviting contacts/brands to join MaLiBro.

Invite people and other business entities to join MaLiBro and MaLiBro will pay you as soon as they join and complete the credibility challenge. You will earn money depending on what special package you are on, what package you invite others to join or how many units they buy to complete the Credibility Challenge.

about using malibro

MaLiBro continues to pay you bonuses with each new level of subsequent joiners, when the people you invite also invite others to join. To earn this way, register onto MaLiBro, join a special package and start inviting others using the Listing feature. Once the people you invite join and complete the credibility challenge, you will get paid.